Welcome to enjoy your stay in Phuket! We offer safe and reliable accommodation in Thailand's own Phuket Island.



AT the Tree Apts

House Buddy offers a large option of accommodation possibilities in southern Phuket. We have apartments and condos, which most are very modern and new. We have long term and short term possibilities. Ask for details!

Villas and Houses

Saiyuan Med Village.jpg

In southern Phuket, we have villas and houses which range from a basic house to modern mansions with own pools, big yards and own inside gyms. We offer villas and houses for long term and short term rentals. Ask for more details!

Hotel and Hostel Rooms

Beach Front

We have a lot of choices in hotels and hostels around Phuket. The hotels are located in southern Phuket and around Phuket Town, ranging fromnew hotels to traveler hostels. We will help you to find the perfect solution for your needs. Ask for more details!


House Buddy is a company operating in Phuket, Thailand. We specialize in long term and short term rentals. If you want safe, local and reliable accommodation, then contact us. Our prices can be negotiated and made suitable for your stay in Phuket.

Contact Details:

Tiina Hartikainen : +66 894730673

We use our above mentioned number for Whatsapp and Line, so you can use the number to send messages also.

e-mail : info@housebuddy.org